About Us

Mission Statement:  SC Appleseed fights for low income South Carolinians to overcome social, economic and legal injustice.


SC Appleseed History:

Although South Carolina Appleseed existed in one form or another for many years, starting as a subsidiary of South Carolina Legal Services, it came into its own in 1996. When Congress cut funding and placed restrictions on the types of work that the organization could do, the organization split from the Legal Services Corporation. Our Director started doing business space donated by the Pro Bono Program at the University of South Carolina. The South Carolina Bar Foundation, led by the late Joseph Shine, showed a commitment to systemic advocacy for the low income community by increasing funding to the organization. In 1998, we began an affiliation with the Appleseed Foundation and officially became the South Carolina Appleseed Legal Justice Center.

Today, from those humble beginnings, we have an office in downtown Columbia and  a team of nine pushing for a vision that the low-income community deserves full, strong representation…and we believe that equality is not a privilege, but a right.

Our attorneys provide multiple free and low cost trainings during the year touching on areas of significant need in the low income community. Our goal is to influence policymakers to ensure the law is fair, to educate the public and their advocates about the law, and to assist attorneys in bringing systemic litigation where the law is unfair.


SC Appleseed | Educators, Trainers, Advocates, Organizers:

SC Appleseed Legal Justice Center wants to share information on legal topics which affect those we serve – the disadvantaged. We have authored a number of pamphlets, bulletins, brochures, papers and manuals on topics which include housing, education, immigration, consumer affairs, public benefits, health and family, with many translated into Spanish. All printed materials are online for consumer and professional use. We have policy papers for the professional on SC laws and state policies concerning our clientele. Most of these materials can be accessed and downloaded through our Library and Resource page.

In addition, we offer continuing educational training for the professional and the community, who seeks to update their knowledge on SC law in areas we advocate. Visit our Trainings page to see what classes might interest you.